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Place I Want To Visit

People always want to travel but only to visit a lot of countries and learn a lot of traditions and languages, some people thought that people want to travel because they got board of their country, but its not true. Travelling is for learning, searching for culture and informations. For me I want to travell to German because i heard that germans are very close to there language, and traditions. So I want to know how are they  treating their tradition, contry, language, and on the top I want to know how are they treat each other .


Januwary 25 Revolution

Januwary 25 is an amazing day. it is the day that forced everybody  to respect it and each country wil learn from it how to be one hand, one voice, and one heart.

This day is the ”January 25 Revolution” which destroyed the unfair government and  forced it out. it is the revolution which release people from 30 years of unfairness and stealing. ”January 25 Revolution forced every one in the world to respect egyptians and to take care from their nervous and union.

This revolution will effect egypt badly now, but it will effect it usefully later.

Iam very proud to be egyptian, and i am very proud from my people’s power and union.

last year i was at the club. i was enjoying my usual swimming training. we were having a lot of events to do in our training so we swum for about 8 kilometersv, then after we did it, our coach let us jump from the diving blocks to the picine, so i ran quickly to jump, then i jumped from about 10 or 15 meters high. When i jumped, i felt like i am riding a fast train and moving in air. It was a fantastic and unusual day.  

my school is SfS

this is my first post

my class 9b

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